Or your favorite print.

You can personalize your wallet choosing your favorite color.

These wallets can come with one or two pockets that give you enough space that you need, but at the same time, it will grab tightly any thing that you put inside.

Like all our products, these wallets are also hand made and manufactured with eco-friendly materials that last for a really long time. You can also ask for a personalized wallet with your favorite color, print and size.

This is the only wallet that will give you the trust to leave your money.

These wallets are specially made to keep your money, cards, and coins safe and you can choose a wallet in which you can put it all together or all separately.

With this wallet you won't need to choose between a big an uncomfortable wallet to store everything, or a small one that won't let you hold all you need. 

Hand-Made, custom cut and sewn card & currency wallet. Creative and versatile pocket to safely house all your important items.

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