Bike Bags and More

Our tote bags also come in this special size, so that your baby can carry her own bag, and she can fit her dolls and stuff animals inside.

And because we think about almost anything our small bags also have loops that make your bag easily attachable and detachable from the handlebars of your stroller.

Or any print

You can choose from any color

And like all our products, you can personalize these tote bags with your favorite brand, color or print.

This unique and creative bag has space for everything!!

These tote bags have pockets in and outside, and gives you the possibility to hold many items in it, keeping them organized so you don't loose anything.

Our Tote bags, like all our products, are made with Eco-twill fabric that is environmentally friendly. These bags are made thinking about womens needs and future.  

Hand-made, custom cut and sewn Tote Bags. Lightweight design and extra pockets make it ideal for reuse in shopping

And what about having two bags in one? The tote bag is reversible, so once you turn it around you have a different bag! And on any side of your tote bag you're going to have many pockets keeping everything in their place.