Mr. Joseph Leon

Owner / CEO

While most companies look to save a buck, and outsource all of their jobs to other countries, we believe in keeping our jobs here, at home in America, to create more income locally and help improve our own economy.

Each and every available employment position at Bike Baggy has been filled and maintained by a member of our local community.


We recognize the needs of our local communities and work our best to help come up with solutions to those problems.   While we understand that certain circumstances require more than we can provide, we still believe that any and everything done to help will make a positive impact.  

That is one of the reasons why we have started our business. Not just to gain profit, such as big companies and corporations, but to give back and help our struggling community. While every purchase of any of our products goes directly back into our local economy, we also make sure that every one of our employees and customers feel welcome and at home.  We know that not only the quality and durability of our merchandise speaks loudly but our actions speak even louder. When you leave with one of our items, we want you to know that not only are you buying a quality, hand-made, eco-friendly product but that you also made a contribution to a company that cares.  And this brothers and sisters is what it takes.  From us, and from you...

why choose us

Bike Bags and More has been cultivating ideas with conservation foremost on our mind.  We have designed a variety of different products that provide an alternative to many everyday items that can cause harm to our planet and it's resources.

For example: Markets are now offering reusable shopping bags and are encouraging others to opt out of the environmentally harmful plastic grocery bags.  Great idea! But we here at BikeBaggy are taking it a step further by creating eco-friendly alternate versions of shopping bags as well as other common items in an attempt to help mother earth and encourage others to do the same thing.   

A few words about us